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Probably it was the last nice, warm, sunny day of this autumn.
I’m pretty sure that from now  it will only get worse 🙁
Taking this opportunity I went to a car ride, ride without any destination and limits.
Due to my poor condition in the last days, all walking trips are excluded, recently my kneest don’t want cooperate with me, so only places accessible by car was possible. I passed 160km and I stopped wherever I noticed something interesting.
The most important thing was to capture the beautiful autumn colors that were becoming unnaturally vivid in this bright sun.


At the second stop I had a problem with the crowd of my fans 🙂 The ladies first sheepishly waited a bit from the side, but when they recognized me they eagerly rushed into the first plan 🙂


I could not express the climate that this lonely tree created in this green field, or I was too lazy… So it came out like this

Then I made two shots of this darkened waterfall  at the end of which the bright light created a beautiful contrast on this colorful tree.

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