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My recent observation shows that despite what NASA says, solar activity is increasing again.
In recent weeks there have been some significant flares in the sun. Some have captured interesting lights already.
Unfortunately for various reasons like lack of time, bad weather etc.
The season for the northern lights has not started yet for me, until now 😉
This northern lights it has started as usual, innocently… I found a nice location by the lake near the road, the old footbridge seemed to be a good element of the composition.
Thermos, warm tea, no cookies! 😉 Half an hour of waiting… There is… ISO 2000 16s shot… Crappy!

A quite weak lights.

I have changed locations to an old abandoned farm. It was totally dark, black! No light pollution, except for the one I regenerated myself.
ISO 2500… Shot… And something like that appeared…

I moved the camera, repeated the shot, burned…? Yes it is overexposed. I have reduced ISO to 1600 and time to 8s and..

it’s good, it is very good! I quickly returned to my previous place at the lake, this footbridge, you know, I really wanted it 😉

It was a short but quite intense show. Happy me, I get my footbridge 😉


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