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It looks like it can be a very active year 🙂
The season has not started well yet and I have already observed some fairly
strong Northern lights, it bodes well 😉
Recently my problem is quite a lack of time. Right now my life is very active, my whole day is full, there is not much free time there.
I knew that the aurora would appear this Sunday evening, I did not know just how strong.
I was not preparing too much because the sky was cloudy, actually, I was not ready at all.
In the morning I should  by a wake-up at 5:00  so there was no way about any night trips.
But when I was walking with the dog, I noticed that the sky is beginning to crack and green light coming through it.
I quickly delivered my dog beck home, took the bag and drove to the closest and darkest place in the area.

I took several shots in this location and then quickly moved to another place, also dark 😉
I do not really like the glow of the city lights, they do not match my ideology 🙂

The shots came out quite dark, I’m talking about the foreground here, unfortunately, this time of year
and we do not have snow yet :/ that’s why I tried to put the tops of the trees gently on the sky
or place a path made of slightly lighter stones to give the first plan a bit of purport.
But most importantly is, that interesting aurora shows up on the sky and I caught it all in just 50 minutes.  At 21:30 I was already in bed 😉

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