When ordering prints from me  on  a canvas you get the highest possible product quality.
Please do not confuse this with the commonly used name “PRINT ON CANVAS” offered by many print shops at a very low price. Most often is the UV print or Solvent print, printed on polyester imitation canvas (poly-canvas).
Images are printed on high-quality natural premium canvas Breathing Color  Chromata White. Printed in pigment technology on Canon Image  PROGRAF  machin, It is the only one technique and quality accepted by museums and pro galleries. Prints are stretched on the frame with the highest quality wood.
No white stripes, or loss of image, the edges of images are printed mirrored.
These canvas and pigment is not harmful to health, the images can be hung immediately, even in rooms where they are small children or persons with allergies. Each print is secured with a few layer of protective varnish, it guarantees UV resistance and the colors will remain unchanged for at least 100 years.
“PRINTA UNICA” Remember that each image can be purchased only once. If any of the images will be printed once there is no possibility to buy a second copy! No one else will buy the same image as yours.
When ordering the image you pay for an image with a frame that will be possible to pick up after about 14days. It is also possible shipping , only Norway ( additional charges)
Free delivery for Sykkylven, Stranda, Ålesund, Skodje, Sjøhold, Hellesylt, etc.
If you are interested in other available sizes or prints on other materials, please contact me.

100% natural cotton canvas.






Nicely printed mirrored edges.









The highest quality frames made of pine wood dried for over a year.