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I spent almost the entire week in bed with flu, it’s not a nice feeling when outside is beautiful winter.
I could not take it anymore so well dressed, or rather well wrapped 😉 I decided to drive around the area right after sunset.
I did not feel strong enough to walk so the plan was to shoot without moving away from the car.
I love the moment when the sun is behind the horizon but it is not dark yet. Colors and lights change from minute to minute creating beautiful contrasts on the mountain tops. White takes on interesting colors, blu, orange, magendas.

When it got dark enough to capture the stars I could not believe when I looked at the picture in 100% zoom. Meteorites! A lot of meteorites! For the first time in my life, I have captured such a number of meteors on a single shoot. On one of them I counted 17 just in 10s exposure time, these were Quadrantids.

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