My name is Bartosz Bąk, I was born in Stettin in 1981. 
Currently I live in Sykkylven since 2008 and I am a self-taught photographer
 I am dealing with photography for many years and it is my passion and life style. The main type of photography that I performed it’s a landscape. It does not mean that it  not perform any other type, wedding, portrait, acts, etc. I’m doing it too,but it is not my favorite area, however, the landscape photography it’s what I love, why? Because the landscape photography is grateful, does not moving, does not complain, does not yelling, does not damage the my photo studio, it is always beautiful and that humble us to appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around us. Another reason is that I love hiking, I really love it ! Unfortunately, because of my health problems, kind of arthropathy I can not afford to do too extreme hiking. However it seems that this is also a kind of medicine for me. Movement, if it is not  too much is very helpful for my arthritis. As a result  I get  pleasure and useful training 😉  From a child I was taught to observe and respect nature. I remember when my father took me to the forest and in silently asked if I hear like a forest growing. It seemed very strange to me, but today I understand it perfectly. Today I can not imagine a better way to spend me free time like looking into the landscape in silence.

“If you are not able to see beyond what is visible, you are blind”