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“Black hole of creativity” I think that this is a pretty good name for the phenomenon that happens with me every winter. Every winter like this when it’s gray and cloudy, no snow or northern lights like now, I’m falling into stagnation. I’m not pulling my camera out of my backpack, I do not even take my backpack at all… Why?  Because I have no reason… I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and this is not good. I only photograph when conditions are favorable, when I am almost sure that the photo will come out strong and eye-catching.  I think that I forgot why I started to take pictures of landscapes. Slowly photography becomes more and more commercial. Each shot becomes a new challenge, do people like it?  Is better than the previous ones? I forgot about feeding my brain. What about spending time outdoors and enjoying the smallest details that nature gives us?

Even my wife paid attention to it, she asked me “what’s wrong with you, it’s Sunday and you’re not going to take pictures? I understand that the weather is bad, but it did not bother you earlier”

I packed my backpack and left the house immediately. I decided to change it and start to shot  more of that what it touches my senses. Today was one of those cloudy foggy days. Nothing special, nothing that could help to make a spectacular shot, but the same, when I stopped during the walk and watched as the clouds are moving between the trees  in this windless day it made me think… I’m already looking at something beautiful and this is something that I should capture. These photos will not cause  any  effect of WOW on  the viewer, but they will feed my brain… And they did it 😉 I felt good 🙂


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