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I get those shots completely by accident, really 🙂  It was really nasty weather, one of those, when you certainly will not take your backpack out on an expedition… I supposed to only drive to airport and pickup  my sister-in-law with her boyfriend. Not knowing why I took a backpack with me.  I arrived at the place for more than an hour early, so  I decided to go to one of the nearby beaches and wait there… And then a miracle happened! It cleared up! 🙂 almost 😉 But enough to take several shots.

I took a few shots with different exposure times using ND 64 filter for those longest and only Revers NDG 0,9 +CPL filter for those shortest exposures. The rocky coast of Vigra island and the bright sand are great for taking interesting contrast full  shots also as B&W pics. In combination with green algae, some shots have a great color scheme.

The moral of this is : To always travel with  gears! ALWAYS 😉

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