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Correct use of ISO and ETTR technique.
the first image was taken with ISO 800 and another with ISO 8000

As can be seen almost no difference between, why?
It’s easy, I used a technique called ETTR (exposing to the right) which means that I quite a bit overexposed my image and more precisely 3,5EV, then I reduced the exposure exactly  3,5EV in Lightroom and as a result I received little noisy image, cool, is not it?

The important thing is: not allow to the sensor overheating!!! These pictures were taken at a temperature of -16 degrees, so I had no particular problems here, but when photographing at high temperatures it is important to give the sensor to rest a little.
Limit for overexposure is the burnout, so you have to remember that this is not allowed and closely observe your histogram.

Histogram should be put up on the right side maximum as it’s possible but should not reach the upper limit edge!

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