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the reason for the trip to this place was the northern lights.
Unfortunately, it did not happen. The solar activity is very low this season and there is no one to blame for this :/
Anyway it was a very nice trip, the place is great for shooting seascapes, it is a special place where two opposite ocean currents collide and create waves even on a windless day, a large number of stones and rock formations protruding from the water make this place more attractive.
Just before the night came, I took a few long exposures shots.
The times of exposure were so long that they turned the moving water into the mist

the photo below was taken during the so-called blue hour.
to capture only one wave and not to cause total blur I had to use a shorter exposure time like 6 sec.
It was already dark so it was necessary to use the higher ISO sensitivities like 800

A moment later a dark night came and that  means dinner time 😉
We lit a bonfire and it got really nice.











The place is far away from the nearest agglomeration and free of light pollution and that means a beautiful sky full of bright stars 🙂


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