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Wind, ugly weather, dramatic clouds, sunset… This gives interesting opportunity and I have used this. Seeing what was going on in the sky, I quickly went into not too far and easily accessible place, with the hope that I can do some nice shot

The most important thing is to be patient when you choose your location.
Fast changing conditions may surprise you 🙂 All you have to do is set the camera on a tripod and wait for the right moments. Lighting changes from minute to minute, just like the colors and structure of the sky. Some pictures taken at intervals of even a few seconds look like they were made on another day and that right moment for the perfect shot can be very very short, just like
my second shot, vertical one. This is my shot of the day, for me of course 😉
Just for a few seconds the clouds exposed the sun gently and lighted part of the valley
with the warm rays of the setting sun.


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