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Filters or post-processing? Good question.
Some think that it is better to use filters, others that simply is editing photos i Lightroom, Photoshop etc.
The first solution is certainly more expensive, a good set of filters costs as much as a good quality lens and unfortunately often being destroyed for various reasons.
Of course there are some filters that you can pretty well simulate in  the software.
However, I consider that it is worthwhile to use them, why?
First, they are real and teach us the art of shooting, improve our skills.
Our images become more valuable for us if we put in more work to create them ( I feel so 🙂 )
Second, they allow us to save time spent in front of computer and we can enjoy more being in the location.
Our back will also be very happy about this too 😉
Thirdly, the effect obtained by using some filters is always slightly better than in PS,LR etc. often is not possible to get the same result such as polarizing filters or low light transmittance ND  filters.

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