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For a long time, any outing did not associate with something pleasant.
Rain, cold, dark and generally not very interesting atmosphere was not very encouraging.
It was terrible on the Christmas Eve, everything indicated that there would be rainy Christmas again.
But a miracle happened 🙂 just like in Hollywood Christmas movies, on the night of Christmas Eve snow fell, the holidays were beautiful and everyone was happy 😉
Of course, as it usually is after Christmas, a few kilos came, the cholesterol level reached its zenith and we become a bit more lazy :/
Today was very beautiful, so I decided to leave the house and stay outside from the first rays of the sun until sunset. Which at this geographical height means the entire three hours :)))  that’s why I decided to go a step further and stay until dark night, that is about one hour longer 😉
Sometimes I like to take a walk without any special  target.  First I went to a fairly high place where the light reaches.

I made only one picture there, because the rest of the time I spent sitting under a tree while sunbathing, YES… 😉
I have not experienced this for many weeks, it’s like connecting to charging, a great feeling.
Someone who does not live in the north does not understand what is the lack of light.
When the sun went down, then I went to the edge of the forest waiting for the blue hour.
But it did not happen. Clouds appeared :/ everything was washed out of colors and gray.

Then the clouds began to pass and it got pretty cool 😉
Moonlight, glow of light from the town and a specific time when the sun is behind the horizon but is not yet dark, created a pleasant atmosphere full of colors.

I love when the night becomes bright in moonlight, I like to walk slowly and watch the forest, sky, meteors…


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