What is the H2O/0,997 project?

This is my idea to create the largest photo collection of waterfalls in my life.

Why? For what?

About three years ago, standing in a small brook  and photographing a small waterfall I realized that this small river pumped thousands of liters of crystal clear water every minute, since many thousands of years and there are thousands of waterfalls in my area. I quickly start thinking about  poor people living in Africa or Asia who have no access to clean water or have no water at all. This problem is as old as the world, who cares? Of course, not many of us are really bothered until we do experience this problem personally. But in fact the biggest tragedy that is happening today with water is the fact that we, the people of the highly developed countries who have drinking water in abundance, we not care about it at all 🙁    I decided to change it. Not only to help poor people in third world countries, but also help us and all other people living on this planet. Many of us do not realize the consequences of excessive water consumption, there are many aspects, but more about it later…

I decided that my crusade would be:
-Photographing 997 waterfalls.
-Each one  will be different.
-Each will contain source of pure crystal drinking water (I have to drink water from every one 😉 )
-None can be a great well-known waterfall.

Once I reach that, I want to organize a great exhibition and  the proceeds from it will be used to help people living in drought-stricken areas and the protection of surface drinking water sources.

Why 997?

Because in the most optimal for  human temperature one liter of water weighs 997 grams.

Why waterfalls?

There were many similar actions. Emaciated children, cracked dried earth, drought, hunger, poverty, it was shown, It worked, but only for a moment. People do not like watching such things. Unfortunately, this is ugly truth 🙁  So now it’s time for something else 😉

Why this time it will be effective?

Because I have a long-term plan. I do not think about creating a one-time charity exhibition. The exhibition is just the beginning of a long-term project, a project that will run every day and that will bring tangible benefits. I want also turn  attention to governmental and non-governmental  charitable  and crisis management organizations, governments, corporations and anyone who can make a difference in this case. I want to join the mass of people, make noise, make this event a global.


Photography has changed the world for decades. It was the journalists and free photographers who showed the world faces of war, cataclysms and all that what was happening in the far places of the earth. It was the photos that changed the public opinion and put pressure on people and governments. Often photo shots were doing more work than shots from a rifle.

Today we live in the masmedia world. Photographs are everywhere, Webs , Facebook, Instagram, advertisements… Every day we watch a lot of pictures, photos of our friends on Facebok  or photography of beautiful places on earth. Sometimes we buy one of these photographs and hang it on the wall in living room  or we buy as  a digital version and we use to create different graphics or is use on  website.

What if each photo that presented the source of drinking water was marked with a small logo? A small logo  that would mean that the author of this photo will donate charity, for example 10 percent of the income for each sold copy of the image? This would mean that we could start a long and endless process,  a process which on a global scale can bring each year tens of millions of dollars  to help the needy.

I believe that  photographers can once again contribute to the great changes and make something wonderful and  millions of images don’t have to  disappearing in the depths of the internet.


Unfortunately I am not a millionaire I do not have the funds or tools to spin such a big machine. I have a purpose and I have good intentions but I needs help and support. Therefore, I turn to every man with a great heart,  if you can help me somehow?

If you have an idea,  if you want to help and you know something that can be useful you need it. This project will require the effort of people like: Webmasters, Graphic Designers, Advertising Specialists, Experts on water problem, Social Media, Non-Governmental Organizations Contacts, Ecologists, Photographers and anyone who knows anything about it… 

If you only have something to offer, if you want to ask something or just want to add something just write to me 😉