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Hindaholen and small hill Hindaholhaugen is placed in Straumsdalen, a beautiful valley between a few larger, quite recognizable in area peaks.


I went there on a bike via about 4km long nice hardened gravel road which is quite easy.

This location gives you a lot of possibilities to shoot. Two quite interesting peaks, a big beautiful valley and and a settlement of cottages which can be used to build compositions. One of them quickly became my object of desire 😉

The weather was also almost perfect, nice light and a lot of white fast-moving
clouds made good shooting conditions.

Because I’ve been using more bike lately than walking that’s why I’m taking less equipment with me than usual. I took with me a camera with only one lens (16-35 Carl Zeiss) a set of filters and super mini tripod which is more to use in case of emergency than to normal use. this forces me to shooting like ”tourist’s”  🙂  that is just from the hand. I have not really done this for years except to shooting weddings, portraits etc. And I must admit that this way is very pleasant, light and simple. I do not have pull out all the equipment and make  a big preparing to one singe shoot. I just grab a camera from my belt-pack and that’s all.




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