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Landscape photography is always associated with calm and slow work. Find a place, set the camera and take a picture, there is no need for rush. Really?  Today’s trip to the shore of the fjord reminded me of how much landscape photograph cam be dependent of time, how much hurry you have to be sometimes.
After a few days of sharp frosts that swept across Europe today the temperature has risen slightly, there was only -8 degrees and delicate clouds appeared 🙂 I do not like clear sky, I like when there are any clouds on it, does not matter 😉
It was evening and I decided to capture an interesting curved shoreline at the moment when the sun was hiding behind a tree line so that I can capture the gold-dark light on the foreground snow and colorful sky. I use a wide 16mm lens and three filters on, the RNDG 0.9 +ND 3.0 +CPL
aperture set on f9 and 369s. exposure time.

While taking this photo and exposing it for over 6 minutes I noticed that the sky behind me began to change drastically. I see beautiful contrasting light on the mountain tops and the amazing color of the sky, unbelievable, as painted… And here is the problem, the camera will be occupied for over 4 minutes and I know that this amazing scenery will not last long. The shutter closes, I change the lens quickly, attach another filter I change the settings and it’s ready. Photography full of colors and unprecedented contrast.

I took this shot in the lasts seconds.
In less than 30 seconds after the whole sky was washed out of colors and the magic disappeared.







So not only reporters and wedding photographers are working in a hurry. In spite of careful preparations and planning before going outdoors it can always happen something more unusual and we can lose it because we run out of time 😉


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