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Yesterday one of my nightmares became true
Finally it stopped raining for a while, so I went to the rocky coast for a bit of photography.
Light storms and dramatic clouds created quite good conditions. I made some shots and when it got dark I decided to shoot the ferry in motion.
3 minutes exposure time at the right moment should allow me to achieve the intended effect.
I wanted also to capture a nice line of the shore,sharp rocks and blury water. I had to set the camera on a rocky outcrop several meters above the water.
I put on my 16-35mm lens, hard revers 0,6 gradient filter, apeture f16, bulb mode and 190s time.
While waiting I went three meters further for physiological needs, just to pee.
I suddenly heard a noise like a strong rustle, a strong wind carried a large piece of plastic, like a big bag.
In one second I thought “NO!!!” I think I even said it aloud and then the plastic hit my camera on a tripod.
I saw how the whole set leans, for a moment I thought he was going to return to its previous position. but physics has done its job.
A whole set landed with a big impetus in to the shallow water full of sharp rocks. I jumped into the water and quickly grabbed the tripod,  but it was too late. I lost the camera, my favorite lens, filter holder and the nice filter.

Sony a99 and Carl Zeiss 16-35 f2.8

Sony a99 and Carl Zeiss 16-35 f2.8

Not the first time I lost my equipment in location. This is a landscape photography, we often have to move in very difficult terrain, in bad weather and get into inaccessible places. I think the risk of losing equipment is quite real here. I also think that it is better to lose equipment  than suffer serious injuries or death,  many times I was in such a situation like henging me self on the  tree over a rushing river or when I was struck by lightning during  storm  shooting, or even to fall into the icy ocean, river, what happened to me many times. This time it will  hurt only my budget :/

And this is the last picture that my camera made

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