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Saturday hike to the mountain lake Kalddalsvatnet, this time accompanied by my wife.








The weather was not perfect for photos, sharp light, sharp shadows, no clouds.
That’s why I decided to take my old Sony A100 which I rebuild  a few years ego to the infrared.
I removed the lowpass filter from sensor and replaced it with an IR filter.
This allows me to create interesting effects. The chloroplasts contained in the plants
begin to appear as white then. Of course, shooting and using this type of camera is a bit complicated, but sometimes can be very spectacular.

The view of this lake in full sun was amazing. Shallow and crystal clear water, beautiful emerald color and  hundreds of trouts visible just below the legs.









Was very nice, warm and pleasant, despite the fact that I took with me photographic equipment

it was more recreational trip.

We spent more than five hours lounging in the May sunshine, we roasted sausages , explored area and  done some other  things about which I should not write them here. Child  was not with us 😉


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