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Last time  I discovered during the processing in Photoshop  that can be an interesting way to combine a few images with different  light settings.
I decided to use it outdoors and try to control the  final effect. The catch is that in darkness I use additional source of light  to get out the details and colors in dark areas. It performs many of exposures,  each one with different illumination and combines them later in Photoshop.
It is interesting that just as I came up with this idea, I started to google a little bit and I discover out that this is already long ago discovered and known technique called “Light Painting” what really is a little strange because english name PHOTOGRAPHY It comes from the Latin word FOTO GRAFI what exactly mean LIGHT PAINTING. Does not matter 😉

In any case, this technique requires a lot of work and effort to. Best to have a  assistant who can open the shutter and will navigate us. If not, as me, you  will  have to run back and forward to light up scene and back to camera and over and over. To create single ready image I need about 15-20 shoots.

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