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I’ve already written about this technique, you can see it here: New project in the test
This time I decided to do a more detailed tutorial.
I did not mention it in the movie, but it is very important to choose the right flashlight.
Should not be too strong or too weak. It is better to light the subject for half a minute
than for 5 or 10 seconds and have more problems with the correct exposure of the scene.
By doing it slowly  we will be more accurate 😉

In the movie I just showed you how to get started, but the possibilities of using this technique are endless, This can also be combined with normal night landscape photography.

I say just in case: My wife recently tormented me for 3 days to watching horror movies, especially the Japanese one about the  ghosts and demons. Then I went alone to the dark woods… you know the rest…
Please, do not do this!

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