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Perfect warm July night and overnight on one of the nearby hill.
It was quite a spontaneous situation, the weather was excellent, it was very warm, no wind
and there was a slight moisture in the air, it always heralds the morning mist.
I didn’t want to miss it.  Quick decision… I packed the tent, something to eat, camera and
one lens 24-70, filter set. I got on the bike and drove on the top of the hill.
I got there at 22:00 and I knew right away that it would be a great evening… Morning as well 😉


I pitched my tent and did some shots with the sunset. The light was soft and warm, golden in color.
The cold ocean created a delicate mist up to 400 meters high. This has created beautiful soft contrasts between the mountains.


This was the scenery of my bedroom that night 😉


It was perfect except one… A damn tiny bloodthirsty midges. I really thought I’d be eaten to death.
Fortunately lighting bonfires effectively scared them away 🙂 …a little…


The morning was exactly as I expected, low heavy fog spilled over the town and all the valleys. Beautiful view…


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