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A modern photography has today become reason to the many misunderstandings and a lot of controversy.
How to make good photographs?, It is stell real? Should we proces them? And so on.
Let’s start with the fact that the image is created in our head, or hart, how someone prefers.
The camera is only a tool that allows us to register this image. The image is captured by the image sensor inside camera through the lens. At the beginning is contained basic information about color and light, then Image procesor creating output image, which is the only interpretation of manufacturer’s.
If you will choose save the file as JPG. You decide to use the manufacturer’s suggestions.
If you choose a RAW file you decide to use your own interpretations.
And now the most important, how to interpret the image?
My suggestion is to stick close as possible to reality. Of course, I see no problem in creating surreal images using some photographic techniques such as long exposure etc. But as long as it is intended effect and does not change our photographs into crappy image it is OK.
It is normal that in post-processing we need slightly embellish our image that can become a tad more interesting, but all this have to do with caution. It is very easy to overdo it.
Post-processing should be to eliminate the errors / defects from camera and lens, gently accentuate image, prepare them for publication.

To be continued…

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