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One of the last local pearls has been explored 😉
A 7 km long road through one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the area. Full of beautiful mountain peaks and countless water cascades is starting with a quite difficult uphill and it ends with a beautiful lake Storevatnet which looks like embedded in the great mountain nest.

Traveling through the whole valley is an amazing experience. Me and my friend we chose
bicycles for this purpose 😉 One of the reasons was quite a long distance, a little too much for my knees :/  and a very long sloping and fairly straight downhill road, this down-hilling was to be
the culmination of that nice day, and that’s how it was 🙂 Incredibly long ride at a speed of 70km/h
caused a extraordinary explosion of adrenaline, incredible!!! 😀

I took with me only one lens 24-70 and just three filters polarizing, soft edge 0,9 gradient and 10 stops. Also my tiny Chinese carbon fiber tripod.
It was quite difficult with such lens, normally I prefer wider lenses, like 16mm, but it wasn’t so bad 😉
Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect. The northern part of the sky was beautiful, but the southern one unfortunately was covered with a thin layer of clouds like a film making hazy light, not best one :/
I did what I could 😉

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