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Take my money:

Yep… Winter time, what to choose? Spikes or rubbers? Well… Both!
For years I have had a annoying problem in winter time when I go to photograph in a location.
When ice, the natural choice is to screw the steel spikes in the legs of tripod, however when we
suddenly move to a smooth rocky coast free of ice or on the floor in the building it’s good to have rubbers.
The change is not too complicated, but every photographer knows how much annoying it gets after a while :/

A few weeks aego I broke one of the spikes and had to buy a new one, while searching and I found this!






The spikes are made of solid hardened steel and the rubber is really good quality, sits firmly, with
resistance and does not slip out off the spike. Manufactured by “Selens” This is a good example of the fact that Chinese production can also surprise with quality.






This is a great option, the perfect solution, you always have both of them together.
A small thing what make us happy 😉

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