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Such a spontaneous short trip.
I woke up at 7am, I had a day off. I took my daughter Michelle to school, came back home and started making breakfast for myself. Then I looked out the window and saw a nice sunrise, hmmm… This is it!  Sandwiches had landed in a lunchbox, thermos of tea in to my backpack which is always ready to go, warm clothes, and I went to the nearby mountains. after 15 minutes of driving I stopped at the lovely Nysæte lake. I took 2 shoots I startet to saunter around a little and I decided to lie down a bit in the sun, I ate my breakfast and again took 3 shoots in the meantime. It was amazing that in one part of the lake the trees were still green and in the second part was already autumn.
It was so enjoyable, no one around, complete silence and the pleasant warm autumn sun 🙂  beautiful weather, strange cloud like brush strokes and this amazing juicy color of the trees. Then I realized that I spend on this lake 5 hours 😮

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