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Stettin at night. I do not really like cityscapes but I’m particularly connected with this city, I grew up here 🙂
It is a city with a very rich and long history. The city was founded around 1850 years ago.
Castle Hill which you see in the pictures, has been inhabited for over 1300 years.
One of the Polish prince Bolesław Chrobry strengthened this city militarily and created one of the largest ports on the Baltic sea.
The city was occupied for a long time by the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
As a result of the war with the Swedish (the gigantic war so-called Swedish Flood) in 1630 the Swedes took over the town. After the Russians made the siege of Stettin. In the years 1806-1813 Stettin was under French occupation, but the worst hits took the city during the II World War. As a result of Allied bombing raids, destruction of buildings amounted to approx. 60-70%. A large part of the city ceased to exist. In 1945 the city was recovered to Poland and its reconstruction took many years.
One could be said that after the conflicts in 1970 and 1981 that took place here, the population of this city contributed to the fall of communism in Europe, it was here that the August Agreement was signed. This initiated the beginning of the end of Poland’s long struggle against communism and fall of the Soviet Union. In 1989 Poland became a free country.less than two years later, successive another nations of ex Soviet Union regained their freedom.
It is a city that has survived many wars over hundreds of years. Hundreds Thousands of people lost their lives during fighting in the wars and in Germans labor camps.
Today, it can be said that for many Stettin it is a symbol of reconstruction, unification and the fight against tyranny.

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