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What should represent our photos?
As long as you do not have to work on order you can afford for a little bit of freedom ūüėȬ†
You can express “yourself” on your images. And this is very important and perhaps the most important. I always trying to shoot¬† that I had the feeling that this photograph just¬†can be liket by¬†someone, but at the same time it must be pleasing to myself and pictures ¬†have to fulfill my criteria of orderliness. My photos¬†I have ¬†to feel and if it happens, the rest¬†like composition, sharpness, clarity, and all the other technical aspects of photography becomes less important. Simply…¬†My photographs just have¬†to¬†make me happy ūüôā
I always try to give to my photos as much as possible from the given moment and where  I was and what caught my attention. By using a variety of techniques of photography I try do my best  to give to the image what is at the moment going on in my head. Of course everything then becomes my vision and my own interpretation.

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