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Photography should not be forced (as long as we do not work on order 😉 ) It should come from the heart, but it should also be planned and adapted to the existing conditions. We’re not going to shoot something that is not possible or is difficult if we are able to capture what is in our reach. It’s like trying to eat local fruit in winter. Of course in  the supermarket we can get them but they will not be so fresh, delicious and healthy as in the season.
We can make our life more simple and look for seasonal shoots For example, if we have a beautiful autumn, look for large green areas with different types of trees, When autumn passes and everything becomes colorless let’s focus on small locations such as waterfalls, or maybe  the edges of the sea to eliminate the green from image, maybe a cityscape.
Winter is not a good time to shoot over the lake (mostly 😮 ) but we can do this simple in summer 😉

One of me very good frend he sent me a reply to this post and I feel somewhat obliged to develop this topic a litle bit more.
I quote:
“That is just a good way to avoid learning new things.
To get better, push the limit. When the lacyness arrives and you think you are the best, the faster you fall behind.
It is easy to take a sunny picture on a sunny day. But maybe the best picture with sunlight appeared the one rainy day, when only a tiny strip of sun occured some few seconds.
Go to the aquarium to take pictures of penguins. Thats easy. To get your picture in national geaographic, take the penguin picture in antarctica..
Its a lot more difficult to do that in antarctica..  So why bother..”
This does not mean that I do not agree with him but, It is partly  to describe the exceptions.
personally I do not think that photography was a discipline in which we must compete,for me it is an art and crafts.
Shooting penguin of course, will be better in the Antartica than in the zoo because it is there in their natural environment and that’s it, that is the point.
Let’s be natural, and look for our theme there and then where shows up usually. Being more precise, you can indicate that the best landscape shots are captured
when weather changes, after sunrise and just before sunset. Of course there are exceptions too, such as from everything.
But I do not think it should change the general rules. I mean more is that before each outdoor trip we should have a plan, time of the year, destination, weather, etc.
Based on this, we will be more prepared and the chances of a nice landscape will increase. However if it happens something unexpected and we can cath something amazing we will get a great bonus 😉 Of course this is only my subjective opinion.

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